refugee crisis


What Happens When Refugees Arrive in Your Tiny Village

The villagers of Idomeni were helping refugees long before the NGOs arrived.


The Sophisticated Smuggling Routes Bringing Refugees into Europe

Attempts to crack down on migration have created the perfect breeding ground for new smuggling ecosystems.


Why Empathy Is Dangerous

Yale psychologist Professor Paul Bloom tells us why empathy can lead to war, manipulation and "stupid decisions".


Child Refugees Share Their Hopes and Dreams for 2017

I've been teaching at a school for refugee children on the Greek island of Chios, and asked some of the kids what they're wishing for this year.


Inside the Forgotten Refugee Camp in Greece

The summer volunteers have gone and the world’s attention has moved onto Trump and Brexit. But in the Katsikas refugee camp, temperatures have hit below zero and people have little hope for a permanent home.


Why the Press Want to Stop Celebrities Like Me Talking About the Migrant Crisis

Lily Allen writes about her trip to Calais, which led to her being branded a "sobbing luvvie" on the front pages of the tabloids.


We Went to the Opening of Lindsay Lohan's New Pro-Refugee Nightclub in Greece

With nightclub LOHAN, Lindsay Lohan wants to thank Greece for welcoming so many refugees.


What It's Like to Run a Swimming School for Refugees in Your 20s

Meet the young volunteers working to undo the damage that a perilous journey across the ocean has done to refugee children fleeing conflict in their home countries.


For Young Refugees, Marriage Is a Form of Protection

More than 1,000 married children have migrated to Germany in the past year. Now, the country has a dilemma: protect the girls by separating or preserving these marriages.


The Way We Talk About the 'Refugee Crisis' Robs People of Their Humanity

An interview with Professor William Maley about people living in the deadly space between ideals and reality.


We Accompanied Refugee Children on Their First Day of School

This year, the bell also rung for the children of refugees living at the occupied City Plaza hotel in Athens.


How Syrian Refugees Are Helping One Another Adjust to Life in a Strange Land

A new website started by a Syrian refugee living in Germany aims to explain everything from how to navigate the country's bureaucracy to how to order at a restaurant.