• We Talked to the Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party About America's Ongoing Infowar

    File-sharing sites are going down left and right, so we thought we'd clear our heads and talk to a Swedish pirate.

  • Literary

    FEEL THE DARKNESS You may remember Ragnar Persson from the scary taxidermy wolf he shot for our 2007 Photo Issue cover. And if you saw his pretty pencil drawings of girls and Nordic woods

  • A Swedish Jazz-improv Singer Who Sings All Crazy

    Our new favorite singer is Lindha Kallerdahl, a Swedish chanteuse who combines pretty, quiet singing with these improvisational vocal stylings that, honestly, we're having a hard time describing. It's like a little bit of every kind of sound that a...

  • Swedish Girls Who Don't Look "Swedish"

    I'm half French, half Sinhalese, and when I look at contemporary fashion shoots I can't relate at all.

  • Doomsday Disco

    Life without music would be as desirable as having eternal life. In both cases existence would be kind of pointless, right?