• Dingball - 'Everybody Grows Up and Lives Happily Ever After'

    It's the final comic of Patrick Kyle's run of comics on VICE. TB is finally an adult, and he looks like one. Resolution!

  • Dingball - TB Falls Down

    TB falls down forever. It's some real psychedelic stuff.

  • Swaziland's Deadly TB Nightmare

    Sometimes it's incurable and if you can survive it, the medicine makes you deaf and psychotic.

  • A Cute Show Appeal: Get Drunk and Save Badgers

    Our film about baby badgers is showing at an exhibition to halt the mindless slaughter of innocents.

  • TB in Russia

    Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that spreads through the air just like the common cold. Someone with TB can cough or sneeze and infect others (10 to 15 people a year on average) with the bacteria known as bacilli.