The Lies Issue

  • Vice Fashion - Cabby Cuffers

    People who get into taxis are usually drunk or high or running late and as such think it’s all about them. Keep in mind that the dude getting you to your destination has seen it all—more horrendous shit than you could likely imagine—and there’s a good...

  • Lifetime Acheivement Award

    Ben Anderson is a guy who the BBC pays to go to the most dangerous places in the world with a video camera.

  • Vice Recommends

    Earlier this month, we had our one day super concert, Tales Of The Jackalope. Alongside The Horrors, who were amazing and insane, Klaxons were our other personal highlight. After the performance, Simon from the band strangely ran away to a tent and...

  • The First Annual Story Awards - La Familia

    When I was eight years old my mom started getting into coke big time. She went from a little-town shitty job to a big-city executive job for a huge company and I guess it was too much for her.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Chemicals

    I had just lost a job and I had a friend that was dealing ecstasy. I was like, "Fuck, I need to do something," so I got my hustle on with that shit and it started going well. I met one dude and then I met another dude, and so on.

  • Vice Pictures - Photo Stories With Jaimie Warren

    Jaimie, what was your Fourth of July like this year?

  • Montreal Suicide

    Alex Macalister was this overeducated ponce that we used to hang out with in Montreal. He was a good guy and really funny but he talked like a Lord Byronesque version of Ignatius J Reilly.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Rock And Roll

    I was leaving Portland’s premier venue, Louis La Bambas, when the saxophonist from local cabaret-rock act Danse Combo muttered some cheeky little remark to me. I dropped the nut on him, knocking his two front teeth out and leaving him unable to play...

  • Electric Independence

    Hallelujah. After 11 years of stalking the fringes, one of the country's leading independent labels, DC Recordings, has finally got round to releasing its first compilation.

  • Vice Mail

    HEROIN = DEATH Re: your Junkie Merry-Go-Round article. I started doing heroin when I was 15-years-old. I am now 27. Everyone I grew up with is dead or in jail. Punkers, rich kids, stock

  • Not Another Gay Rapper

    In 1999, Detroit rapper MS-DL picked up a kid at a local nightclub, the Raven Claw, and took him back to his mom’s for the usual Friday-night deal. MS-DL doesn’t know for sure what happened that night—he pretty much blacked out.

  • Fashion Rocks Death Disco

    Karl Lagerfeld can still remember the first time he heard MSTRKRFT’s incendiary remix of Bloc Party’s “Two More Years.”