• Three Love Stories

    "Have you done this before?" says the man in the hotel room. Before she can speak, taking his answer from her face, he says, "How many times?"

  • The Air Marshal

    I was shopping. I had decided it was stupid not to drink, and I drank when I shopped.

  • 'Soft Tagets,' by Christopher Bollen

    Stefan didn't pay his half of the rent on time. It was like a game we played, or that he played and I was forced to go along with on the defensive.

  • Two Stories from ‘Mirages of the Mind’

    You too must really think that I'm strange. If, through some miracle, I stop talking about prostitutes, then I start talking about good-looking young boys! Sir, what can I do? I can only tell the stories that these sinful eyes have seen.

  • A Short Story About Costumes, Sex, and Lying to Businessmen

    'The Surrogate,' by Ottessa Moshfegh

  • The Love Trip

    When I was 19, I got a letter from Klaus Wouters. He worked as a handyman and music teacher at Silver Springs, a school for troubled kids in the San Gabriel Mountains. He knew (or guessed) I was still in Southern California.

  • Five Very Short Stories by Diane Williams

    Diane Williams is the author of seven story collections, most recently Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty. Read the five pieces of micro-fiction she wrote for VICE's latest fiction issue.