• Russian Grave Robbers

    A group of "black diggers" have come together to illegally unearth the remains of World War II soldiers and sell the military artifacts.

  • China's Elite Female Bodyguards

    The country's booming population of billionaires means that bodyguards are in high demand – particularly women, who are ​valued for their covert presence, precision and elegance.

  • Cockfighting in the Philippines

    ​In the Philippines, the 6,000-year­-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully ­legal billion-dollar industry.

  • This Is What Happens When You Walk Around Berlin as a Jew

    Last week, an Israeli reporter was repeatedly abused on the streets of Paris for no other apparent reason than wearing a kippah. We wanted to see if the same would happen in Berlin.

  • I Got a Tattoo While Being Hypnotised in Amsterdam

    I let some guy go to town on my calf while a dreadlocked Bosnian woman in a turban made my eyes feel heavy.

  • Saving the Environment with Thugs from Bucharest

    Since 2007, Romania's courts have been giving criminals a choice between prison and disassembling electronics in ex-communist warehouses.