Volume 20 Issue 6

    • 7.9.13

      Bitches Be Writing: A History

      Here's a look at some famous writers who just happened to have tits.

    • 7.5.13

      Out of the Pens of Babes

      Unedited writing from up-and-coming young authors – from when they were much younger.

    • 7.4.13


      We sat in the recliners. I drank coffee. Sometimes I stuck my finger down my throat.

    • 7.3.13

      White Trash

      I didn’t mean to make a baby with Scott in the closet, on ecstasy.

    • 6.24.13


      As a child, Claire was a liar.

    • 6.24.13

      The Collectors

      Take it from me, watch out for the dental schools.

  • Annons
    • 6.21.13

      Candy with Knives

      Candice took a lot of drugs, but most of them came with the approval of the DEA.

    • 6.20.13


      I suppose it was in Korea where I learned to be alone.

    • 6.19.13

      A Teacher and Her Student

      Marilynne Robinson was my fourth and final workshop instructor at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

    • 6.18.13

      The Mare

      The third time we had sex, Paul said, “I want to make you pregnant.”