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      Paul Salveson Loves Photography, Toothbrushes, and Wheat (In That Order)

      July 10, 2013

      Paul Salveson likes stuff, that we're sure of. Past that, his work confounds us in the best way possible. Is that a cinderblock made out of bread? I honestly don't know, but I love it. His new book is Between the Shell, which just won MACK’s First Book Award and is due out this Fall. The book is a collection of mind-bending assemblages he’s been constructing from household objects over the course of the last seven years. "It’s got a lot of older images and most of them haven’t really seen the light of day. So, it’s this nice culmination of work I was doing and continue to do," he told us.

      As well as these weird and wonderful amalgamations, Paul's work has taken a turn towards more conceptually weighted subject matter, creating scultpures out of wheat and other materials (so it was bread!). He recently received his MFA from the University of Southern California, and did his thesis on toothbrush design, of all things. Paul says he's always been interested in "how crazy and baroque they are and how there’s a new crazier toothbrush with different colors and moving parts and plastic bits and stuff like that." Paul says he’ll be moving to Philadelphia at the end of the summer, so keep an eye out.

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