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      Kristie Muller's Peculiar Still Lifes and Body Part Portraits

      June 30, 2013

      Kristie Muller, a.k.a. Baller, has been a standout photographer for as long as she's owned a camera. You might remember her from the "Infatuated" fashion shoot we ran a couple of years back that was sent to us by the Ardorous, an all-female photographer collective that Kristie is a part of. Having known her for a few years, I've always associated Kristie with being able to do things like take incredibly gaudy, faux-silk shirts with flames shooting out of them look brand new and interesting. Not a lot of people can pull that off! But odd fashion trendsetting aside, Kristie's work mixes the strangeness of the internet (an @ symbol floating in a shallow pool), peculiar still lifes (rubber flip-flops resting on a cement staircase), portraits of body parts, and funny modern garbage (flashy bubble jackets, those inflatable dancing figures you see at used-car dealerships) in such a great way that I'm always excited to see her next set of photos. So anyway, here's a bunch of them for you to look through.

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