Greetings From My Mind

The Reality TV KKK

By Brett Gelman


Kim Kardashian’s Kunt


Lynching us

Lynching our eyes

Lynching our minds

Why do we give her our necks

Is it because we smell it

Is it because we secretly dream of it

Is it because of our shame

Does my kunt look like hers

Wait! I don’t have a kunt.

Does she?

Or is it just an empty space

Like her head

Is it all empty space

Like my eyes

Like my ears

Like my mouth

As it opens

And breathes in the lack

As I hang

I hang here

KKK looks at me

She says thank you

She thinks die.

You all hang next to me

We won’t have to forget this

It is nothing

All it is is Kim Kardashian’s Kunt

Everyone has not seen it

Except the million who have fucked it

Have I?

I might as well have.


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