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      Levi Mandel Photographs Sleepy Pigs and Other Fantastic Things

      March 22, 2013

      Levi Mandel was born in Seattle in 1985. Aside from having the best CV I've ever read, Levi's transparency is one that follows true in his body of work-—there's no time for the typical. His approach to photography exemplifies the hunter vs. gatherer mentality we're stuck with as photographers in 2013: instead of jamming a frowning girl in front of a white wall, he spends his time searching for something worthwhile to photograph. The honest and democratic approach to photography is a seductive one, or so his list of clients would have you believe. Oh, and I guess he shot video for Ryan McGinley on one of his cross-country road trips. Not bad for someone who was suspended from school for graffiti in 1997.

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