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      Are You Gay?

      By VICE Staff

      August 6, 2012
      From the column 'Question of the Day'


      In New York City there are a bunch of people walking around all the time and sometimes we just want to ask some of them, “Hey! Are you gay? Or what?” So we did. It’s way easier than wearing a bunch of handkerchiefs or whatever. Spoiler: Most of the people we talked to were straight. Lame-os.

      VICE: Are you gay?
      Bastille: (Laughs and blushes) Yes. 

      Tamara: No. 
      Marule: No. 

      Are you married?
      Tamara: No. He’s my brother.

      John: I’m Straight. 

      How do you define straight?
      I don’t know. I’m not gay.

      Then why are you outside of Forever 21?
      My friends are in there.

      Shana: No. 
      Shanice: No 

      How would you define straight?
      Shana: Somebody who likes the opposite sex.

      Lamont Dinckens aka Shorts: I have a lot of females. I’m straight. 100 percent straight. I love women.

      How would you define straight?
      If you're a female and you mess with a guy. If you are a guy and you mess with a girl. No guys on guys. No girls on girls.

      Marie: No.

      How would you define being straight? 
      That’s a good question. I’ve never been that interested in women. I guess that’s a big part of it. 

      Shanaar: Yes! 
      Seema: No. 

      So you’re not dating, I guess. 
      Shaanar: No! I’m not gay. 
      Seema: We were joking. 

      So what’s the deal then? Are you dating?
      Seema: We’re dating, but we like to, you know, play around.

      Megan: No. 
      Katherine: No. 
      Rachel: Not exactly. 

      What does that mean?
      Rachel: Well, I’m actually not. I have a boyfriend. We all waiver, I think.

      How do you waiver?
      Rachel: There’s attractive things about girls.

      When was the last time you waivered?
      Rachel: I’ve never actually waivered physically. I just see it in my future. 
      Megan: I have. 

      How have you waivered?
      Megan: I hooked up with my roommate in college.

      Was she a lesbian or did she waiver?
      Megan: No. She was just bi. I also had a threesome a year ago. 

      Have you waivered, Katherine?
      Katherine: In college my lesbian roommate had a crush on me. We made out. 

      Latise: No. But how can I become a VICE intern? We’re actually looking for interns right now!

      Luke: No. 
      Sarah: I’m a little gay. I have an interest in ladies. He’s totally not gay. We’re dating. 
      Luke: I’m a little gay. 

      Charles: No. 
      Emily: No.

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