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Chongqing is the fastest growing urban ceter in the world. So is it any wonder that there are probably around a hundred lesbian gangs scattered around the city?
VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

Photos by MK

Teenage Chinese Dyke Gangs Chongqing is the fastest growing urban ceter in the world. According to The Guardian, its population increases by half a million people each year. So is it any wonder that there are probably around a hundred lesbian gangs scattered around the city? There’s got to be at least a little bit of everything there, right? For the most part these 16- to 18-year-old girls are not a threat to you. They don’t hurt anyone but each other. MK is a 21-year-old Chinese filmmaker who became fascinated with Chinese lesbo gangsters when he accidentally tried to pick one up in a bar in Chongqing, thinking she was a boy (he’s a gay). That’s when he discovered that ever since the country voted an androgynous girl as number one Super Girl in the Chinese version of American Idol (her official title was the Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl), looking like a lesbian has become the hottest thing in China since congee with pork and thousand-year-old egg. But while it may be cute to watch two baby-faced girl-boys share ice cream cones on a street corner in their baggy little skater-boy clothes, if you ever see any rival dykes roll up and start squealing threats, back away and find a safe place to watch. You won’t believe how these girls fight. “I was hanging with my friend Kee-Kee in my office,” says MK, “when a rival girl and two of her friends showed up for what they call a ‘revenge beating.’ They came in and started yelling at each other. I managed to defuse the situation, but just as the rival girl was leaving she gave Kee-Kee a look that was perhaps one second too long. That was the trigger. Kee-Kee grabbed one of the glass water bottles on the table and started hammering the girl in the face. Then the girl’s two friends jumped Kee-Kee. They had a weird way of fighting. Instead of punching, they slammed into each other. Imagine trying to knock down a door. That’s what they do. One girl got hold of an RCA cable and just started whipping Kee-Kee in random places. Another girl was body-slamming her. After the table was half-flipped, she got ahold of a chair and hit her with it. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” RAF KATIGBAK Hey Doomsdayer, When’s The World Going To End?


A member of the Great White Brotherhood gives the jury the crazy eye. Photo by AP

reat White Brotherhood: November 14, 1993 (whoops)

House of Yahweh: September 12, 2006 (but that’s just when the end is supposed to start, you know?)

Brother Stair (Overcomer Ministries): Going on right now (God declared the day of reckoning March 6, 2001. Is your shit together?)

Pat Robertson (Christian Coalition): April 29, 2007 (fuck!)

The Lord’s Witnesses: March 21, 2008 (noooooo!)

Philip Brown: April 6, 2008 (that’s twice in one year)

Lori Toye (Ascended Masters): 2009 (at which point most of the world will have been gradually flooded anyway, so the end will be a mercy)

Worldwide Church of God: August 31, 2010 (too far away to worry about)

Solara (11:11 Doorway): December 31, 2011 (this is when the doorway off our planet closes for good)

Sword of God Brotherhood: 2017 (first year of the Dying Time)

Raelians: 2035 (return of the Elohim to Earth to claim their creation)

Sir Isaac Newton: 2060 (him we are inclined to believe, so don’t make any plans past this year)


It was all about mod. We bought the latest R&B records from the States and wore Italian suits. On the housing estates of East London the style toughened up and a new look of the “hard mods” developed. They were into wearing three-buttoned Tonik suits. “You couldn’t go down the clock end with a velvet jacket and a shirt with ruffles could ya?” proclaimed Danny Speight in Terry Rawling’s Mod: A Very British Phenomenon. Tonik three-buttoned jacket Merc trousers
Fred Perry shirt
N.D.C. boots



By the 70s, football fans had started to call themselves skinheads. The style of the early skin was very much based on the casual mod, but with army boots replacing desert boots. Levi’s had to be 501s and worn high on the boot. Fred Perrys had the top button done up and braces got thinner and thinner. My brother used knicker elastic the same color as his shirt but “it kept breaking and you had to take yards of it to school.” MA1 bomber jacket
Fred Perry polo shirt
Levi’s 501 jeans
Dr. Martens high-leg boots


Around this time a new style was emerging: The “smoothie.” They dressed like our Jamaican neighbors with Gabici jumpers, Farah slacks, and Adidas trainers or Italian slip-ons. This look very soon developed into the “casual,” which is the longest-running and most prevalent style ever to grace these and many other shores. Although the Scousers and Mancs started to wear cagoules and jumpers tucked into their jeans, the classic casual look started in London and was then adopted elsewhere. At this time the top boys were my gang, the ICF. Aquascutum jacket
Lacoste polo shirt
Lois cords
Adidas shoes


Rave culture began to influence the terraces in the late 80s. The most endearing of all these looks was the “smart casual,” where the emphasis was on having the most expensive and hard-to-find clothes possible. It was still all very mod to me. Throughout the 90s, the clothes got pricier and more designer-based. One-upmanship meant people were going to matches in over £1,000 worth of clothes, wearing £500 CP Company jackets and £200 Stone Island cardigans. CP Jacket
Aquascutum scarf
Armani jeans
Adidas shoes


This season on the terraces, there are a lot of yachting coats, Belstaff jackets, and Barbour coats. Kate Moss has just done a big campaign for Belstaff. In our own way, us football fans are doing our own little bit for the world of culture and fashion. Duffer yachting jacket
Stone Island hoody
Aquascutum polo shirt
Paul Smith jeans
Adidas shoes

Cult Denial The dictionary definition of “cult” is “a great devotion to a movement/usually small group of people characterised by such devotion”. Now in Holland there is a group called PNVD (Parti Voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid En Diversiteit), which stands for “Party for the love of one’s fellow man, freedom and diversity”. These guys are a small group who’ve made it their M.O to legalise sex with children at the age of 12 and make it socially acceptable to have sex with animals. That’s devotion, right? And there are only 16 of them in the whole country, which is pretty small. So, doesn’t that make them a cult? We spoke to Marthijn Uittenboogaard and Ad Verbrugge from the NVD (pictured) and put it to them that they are a cult masquerading as a political party. Vice: I put it to you that you’re not a political party but a weird cult. Ad: We are no cult. We don’t force people into bestiality or sex with children. We strive for freedom for people to be themselves in every possible way. But you want to make it legal to have sex with 12-year-olds and animals. Isn’t that totally crazy? Marthijn: I think it would be hypocritical to forbid it. Pigs are castrated now without anaesthetic, tails are cut off and so on. And then sex with animals would be illegal? Come on. Wait. I should “come on”? Marthijn: We want to make a law against eating animals and fish as well. Do you guys fuck animals? Marthijn: Ad, is that still on your to-do list? Ad: No. MICK JOHAN