• Four Days at Toddstock

    Todd Rungren is like Prince or David Bowie—a timeless, genre-spanning artist who did nearly everything first. Or at least that's what I learned while hanging out with his biggest fans for four days during a massive birthday party for Rundgren on a...

  • A Cult Is Trying to Recruit Bob Dylan Fans

    Did you know that “Blowin' in the Wind” was about Dylan recognizing “that if hope for a better life in a better world dies in the human heart, evil will reign forever over the human race”? Or that "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" lets us know that "a day...

  • The 40-Year-Old Town at the End of the World

    We traveled to Nueva Jerusalén, a town run by apocalyptic priests who say they receive orders from the Virgin Mary, to see why people there were so angry they destroyed a public school with sledgehammers.

  • Happy Science Is the Laziest Cult Ever

    Last Saturday I had an appointment with the Parisian branch of Happy Science, a syncretic Japanese sect that appears to be made up of the most contradictory, gross, bizarre ideas the world has ever mustered up.

  • Visions of L. Ron

    Based on the covers of six L. Ron Hubbard story compilations.

  • Paulette Cooper Exposes for the World the Darkest Secrets of Scientology and Cats

    What caused Scientologists to go from arch mysterions suppressing every iota of information about their beliefs to becoming the laughingstock of the entire planet? A blond Jewish lady named Paulette Cooper.