• Krohn’s Disease - Angry Lesbians Are Everywhere

    Angry people are everywhere. I should know because I’m one of them. I’m not a lesbian, but I am very angry. Mostly at people, but occasionally at animals. I’m also angry towards politicos for ruining the terms “hope” and “opportunity” with their lack...

  • Horror Screenplay

    It involves breaking and entering, cannibalism, name-calling, and lesbian witch-hunting—all in the name of God.

  • Kelly's Krush Korner - Ilana Glazer

    One night I was reading the blog of a friend of a friend of my ex-gf (oh, the layers) and came across what has since become my new obsession: Broad City. Broad City is a hilarious web series by two UCB alumns, Abbi Jacobson and the love of my life...

  • Girlfriends

    Photos by Gavin Watson, Styling by Mischa Notcutt

  • Gangs & Cults

    Chongqing is the fastest growing urban ceter in the world. So is it any wonder that there are probably around a hundred lesbian gangs scattered around the city?

  • Girl Johns

    Guess what. Soliciting prostitutes is not a male-only enterprise any longer. Yes, I see that look on your face that says, “Nigga, ’scuse me?” But I’m 100 percent cereal here.