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The Hate Issue

Vice Pictures

The best collection of tree photos you'll see.

Todd Forrest says: "This looks like a maple tree. Maple wood is

what they use for bowling alleys." Photo by Roe Ethridge

Todd Forrest says: "These are palms and a cypress."

Photo by Kevin Trageser

Todd Forrest says: "This is Casuarina equisetifolia, the Australian pine, which is not really

a pine and is one of the nastiest invasives out there. It hurts your feet when you walk on the beach."

Photo by Isabel Asha Penzlien


Todd Forrest says: "These are just run-of-the-mill woods somewhere up north. Most

likely oaks, maples, hickories…that sort of thing." Photo by Michael Vahrenwald

Todd Forrest says: "Here is the Norfolk Island pine, houseplant extraordinaire."

Photo by Todd Seelie

Todd Forrest says: "The birch tree. Best for canoes and beer."

Photo by Glynnis McDaris

Todd Forrest says: "I'd guess this is an oak savannah somewhere in California.

It's pretty. Probably the site of a future housing development."

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Todd Forrest says: "These are coconut palms. The fruits float

across oceans and the seeds germinate on faraway beaches."

Photo by Jeremiah Clancy

Todd Forrest says: "Who knows for sure? Possibly the bark

of a flowering dogwood, a beautiful tree that's dying everywhere."

Photo by Peter Sutherland