• In China, Tigers Are Being Farmed Like Chickens

    Tigers are some of the biggest victims of the wildlife trade, with the rare cats' bones coveted for traditional medicine and their coats prized as rugs. In Vietnam, tiger parts are so valuable that they make better bribes than cash. And in China, they...

  • I'm Scared of Storks

    Look at this thing. Who let this happen? A vulture scrotum poking out of a mantle of filthy feathers affixed to a two-foot-long pair of rusted old scissors?

  • Native Americans Have Front-Row Seats at the Global Warming Show

    The animals they rely on for food are either dying or acting like psychopaths and their graveyards are getting swallowed by the ocean. This isn't good.

  • Stop Hating on Drift Ice

    Forget Titanic. Icebergs are chill.

  • Animals Vs. Us

    Not content with destroying half the world via floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, Katy Perry, snowstorms, riots, and halfwits who won't stop talking about 2012, God is making all the animals go totally crazy.

  • Deep in the Woods

    We moved Sunday to Monday because Sunday turned out to be the day for uninvited visitors. When we tried to keep Sunday as a day of rest, for pastimes such as reading, writing letters, exploring, or the complex routines of bathing, we found ourselves...