Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: A woman who tried to ruin a guy's life because he broke up with her versus some people who want to evict a guy for being disabled.

  • I Went to California's Post-Apocalyptic Beach Town

    The Salton Sea, California's largest lake by volume, exists by accident. It was created after a rain caused the Colorado River to burst through the banks of an irrigation canal. The sea quickly became something of an ecological nightmare soup, with a...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This Week: A Dog Murderer Versus a Child Molester

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: a mom who publicly shamed her daughter for twerking versus a mom who thinks her son shouldn't have to pay for things in shops.

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: A guy who threw a dog off a bridge because it got in his way Vs. A woman who really hates hot selfies.

  • I'm Being Cyberbullied by Corey Feldman

    As some of you may have seen, I recently wrote an article about attending Corey Feldman's birthday party. Though the article was approved by Corey, he became very mad after its publication. Yesterday, he put out a press release accusing me of...

  • Pee-Wee Herman's Dinosaurs Are Actually a Creationist Museum

    The Cabazon Dinosaurs are a couple of giant concrete dinosaurs located out in the desert near Palm Springs, California. They're best known for their appearence in the movie Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, but have also featured in Paris, Texas...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: Some police who arrested a ten-year-old girl for playing doctor Vs. An entitled charity worker.

  • Is Pauly Shore Trying to Troll VICE?

    A couple of weeks ago, we ran a piece about interning for Pauly Shore. As you would expect, the article was about how Pauly is a douche and interning for him was...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: A guy who's pulling his kids out of school because of transgender kids Vs. A couple who pistol-whipped a Dunkin' Donuts employee over a messed-up order.

  • More Photos from Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

    Yesterday I wrote about Corey Feldman's birthday party. Corey was not happy with the images I used in my post, so here is a wider selection. Corey, if you're reading this, I hope this makes things better between us.

  • I Went to Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

    DISCLAIMER: I was only allowed to attend Corey's birthday party under the condition that he have final edit of whatever I write. Within this post is the text approved by Corey Feldman.