• Searching for My Stoner Queen

    Janet mentioned she didn’t smoke that often but didn’t hesitate for a second to smash a couple of pro hits off the joint when it got to her. At this point, I felt safe enough unleashing some played-out game, so I told her how hot she looked smoking a...

  • Reasons Why It's Impossible to Get Laid on Tour

    I've toured for a good portion of my life, and it may be surprising for all your horndogs to hear that—wait for it—I've actually never seen a single band member meet someone at a show and do the deed that night.

  • Mad Backrubs at the Hotey

    Inside one man's heady Craigslist quest to score a date with MDMA, a jam scene pixie, and the bro-crunch stylings of Sound Tribe Sector 9.

  • One of the Best Things Ever

    When you're talking to a friend, and you find out you were both at the same show years before you knew each other.

  • Waste Coast - Camping Is for Idiots

    Camping is an insult to electricity, to indoor plumbing, to toilets, to memory foam mattresses, to couches, to digital cable, and every other luxurious human invention that can only exist within the comfort of a building.

  • Berlin Story: Family Band

    I always knew my mom was a badass. Keeping up with her was a challenge.