Ryan McGinley

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    The wardrobe of Ryan McGinley.

  • Dick Face

    I spent two weeks making 500 hand-drawn balloons for Jack Walls’s 50th birthday party. It was my present to him.

  • Nude Colonist

    Last summer I went on a trip across the United States, starting from New York and going all the way to California and back. I traveled with five boys and five girls for close to three months.

  • Reading Rainbow

    CRACKERSby Ed Ruscha (Heavy Industry: 1969)Ryan: "This is a rare Ed Ruscha book. It's almost like a photo flipbook. Two men go into a hotel room and make this woman lie down

  • Vice Pictures

    One afternoon in 1997 I was drawing the inside of a church for an art-school assignment. I was never really that good at drawing and I've always loved to cheat, so I got an idea.

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    Swimsuit photos.