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The Photo Issue 2002

Tidbits - The Photo Issue

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VICE Staff
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Coolpix 775: Unlike the 990 this newer model is much lighter and has a battery that actually lasts.
Property of VICE.

Leica M6: Fans of this quiet, small, and sharp camera will be happy to know they’re making an M7 now.

Property of Tobin Yealland.

Leica Minilux: Titanium body means it won’t break and it has aperture priority, but it’s kind of slow.

Property of Michelle Cortez.

Nickelodeon Photo Blaster: Unlike the Lomo you can take your four pictures at different times before completing the grid.


Property of Alain Levitt.

Nikon FM2: Like the Leica M6 but lighter.

Property of Tobin Yealland.

Gameboy Camera with printer: Takes incredibly low-res pictures that can be printed out instantly on sticker paper.

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80: A sharp point-and-shoot with a 38 to 80mm zoom.

Property of Toby Kaufmann.

Polaroid SX70: Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, this manual-focus Polaroid has a flash that’s so strong you need to cover it in tissue paper.

Property of Ryan McGinley.

Olympus XA: This is a point-and-shoot with a manual focus, which means there’s no hesitation when you push the button. The flash is detachable, too.

Property of Tobin Yealland.

Yashika T*: The best point-and-shoot ever made is now discontinued. The Yashika T* (left) featured a high-quality Russian lens (Carl Zeiss) that was crisp as a motherfucker. It also had a super-scope viewfinder on the top that allowed you to look down the camera to size up the shot. Though the camera continued evolving into the T5 (right), the lens was just too fancy for mass consumption and the only places you can get them now are overpriced vintage shops. If you do get one make sure you pick a lighter color so you won’t forget it in the cab when you’re drunk.

Property of Ryan McGinley, Terry Richardson, Patrick O’Dell, Athena Razo, Leo Fitzpatrick etc.

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