• The Biggest Dead Zones in America's Waterways

    We often bemoan the ecological tragedies plaguing the Gulf Coast—oil spills, industrial waste, overfishing—but many of the United States' coastal waterways experience eutrophic (high nutrient) and hypoxic conditions. Here are four of the worst.

  • Dredging the World of New York City's Waterways

    The East River isn't just for dead bodies and the Gowanus Canal isn't just liquid poison. Since the mid-90s, small, dedicated groups of alt-sailors have been quietly reclaiming the waters. Here are some of the notable crowds and characters braving the...

  • Situation Is Fluid

    This is what the next water war will look like.

  • Lap That Shit Up

    Even if you think your shit doesn’t stink, consider that at one point or another your thirst has probably been quenched by water from a septic tank.

  • A Thirst for War

    I hung out with the nice guy of SOFEX. He sells water purifiers.

  • The Water of War

    The world's largest, gnarliest weapons expo has never been this refreshing.