Australia Today

Australia’s Response to Climate Change One of the Worst in G20, According to New Report

One co-author believes Australia’s poor performance can be attributed to poor leadership, and the unwillingness of politicians to acknowledge the urgency or even existence of the escalating climate crisis.
Gavin Butler
11 hours ago

Why Don't Men Drink Water?

Have you, male reader, drunk any water today? If not: Why? Do you know you’re not OK?
Harron Walker
12 hours ago

Baby Fish Nurseries Are Riddled With ‘Prey-Sized’ Plastic, Alarming Study Finds

Fish nurseries near Hawaii contain higher concentrations of plastic than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and baby fish are mistaking this trash for food.
Maddie Stone
13 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

More Than Half of Indians Surveyed Say They'd Refuse an Organ Donation From an LGBTQ Person

The new study also reveals that many Indians don’t donate organs because they’re worried they’ll be reborn without these vital parts in their next life.
Shamani Joshi
14 hours ago

We Spoke to Kashmiri Women Whose Husbands and Sons Have Been Detained in Mass Arrests

“The authorities are forcing our children to extreme paths. In Kashmir, they don’t let our children live a normal life, they force them to pick up a gun.”
Hibah Bhat
15 hours ago

Australia Is Battling Some of the Most Dangerous Wildfires It's Ever Seen

Around 100 fires were raging across more than 2 million acres on Monday.
Alex Lubben
15 hours ago
Activist Playbook

Opioid Addiction in Dearborn’s Muslim Community

VICE heads to Michigan to see how the opioid epidemic has hurt Dearborn’s Muslim community.
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Australian Scientists Want to Build a Fake Mars Research Station in the Outback

Mars Society Australia wants to build a simulated research station in the desert—complete with fake rocket ships and scientists in spacesuits—to see what life might actually look like in a terraformed Martian colony.
Gavin Butler
a day ago

A Guide to Taking Ecstasy as Safely as Possible

Some harm minimisation advice for the thousands of people who'll take MDMA this summer, with or without pill testing.
Gavin Butler
a day ago

Fake Celebrity Endorsements Are Everywhere Because They're so Easy to Make

Falsifying support from famous people to hype a product is easier than ever. If you see an ad for Sandra Bullock's skincare line… RUN.
Harron Walker
a day ago

How Hip-Hop Dance Groups Have Helped Asian Americans Find Belonging

While the art form has always been a space for community-building and resistance, its significance within Asian American youth culture can be tricky to parse.
Eda Yu
a day ago

‘Detox Pearls’ Absolutely Do Not Belong in Anyone’s Vagina

Canada’s public health department banned the sale of toxic herbal suppositories marketed as “self-love inspired womb care for every woman.”
Katie Way
a day ago