Silicon Valley Is Spending Millions Trying to Synthesize THC From Yeast

Startups are growing THC, CBD, and "unnatural cannabinoids" from yeast. But some scientists say yeast-grown compounds will never compete with the real plant.
Troy Farah
11 hours ago

Scientists Just Uncovered Wild Details About How Our Modern Galaxy Formed

The European Gaia spacecraft unveils new details about a cataclysmic collision in our galaxy’s distant past.
Becky Ferreira
11 hours ago
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We Ask Duterte’s Critics Why He Remains Popular

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been heavily criticized for a variety of his policies – yet halfway through his term, he remains as popular as ever.
Fruhlein Chrys Econar
11 hours ago
mental health

Singapore's President Says Citizens are Still Ignorant About Mental Health

President Halimah Yacob is advocating for better jobs for people with mental health issues.
Meera Navlakha
12 hours ago
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Australian Biker Gangs Are Muscling in on South-East Asia’s Drug Markets

A United Nations report suggests that increasing pressure from Australian authorities has forced outlaw motorcycle gangs to expand their operations overseas.
Gavin Butler
13 hours ago

China Claims Uighurs Were Forced Into Islam

In an effort to fight international criticism, the government claims that history is being distorted and that Uighurs were not originally Muslims by choice.
Meera Navlakha
14 hours ago
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A Guy in Indonesia Just Paid Over $100,000 for a Racing Pigeon

Pigeon racing's a serious sport in Indonesia—and the industry is booming.
Gavin Butler
17 hours ago
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China to Start Human Testing for a Vaccine That Will Cure HIV

With no known cure for HIV until today, the vaccine is being seen as a promising antidote to the HIV virus if it’s successful on the 160 volunteers.
Pallavi Pundir
17 hours ago

India’s Best TV Shows Have Emerged From Uncensored Streaming Platforms

Sex scenes, queer culture and complex social themes thrive on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon in a way they've never been able to in Bollywood or television.
Ankita Rao
18 hours ago
food news

This Tokyo Pop-Up Promises Boba Fans the 'Tapioca Land of Your Dreams'

New York's Boba Room was a disappointing mess, but this Harajuku event promises you'll "experience tapioca with your whole body."
Jelisa Castrodale
18 hours ago

Watching 'The Lion King,' All I Can Think About Is Extinction and Death

The "circle of life" glosses over environmental destruction and colonialism as viewers ogle the savannah from the comfort of an air-conditioned mall.
Patrick Marlborough
18 hours ago

Gordon Ramsay's New Show Is a Toothless Attempt to Follow in Anthony Bourdain's Footsteps

'Uncharted' struggles to find its place between the authenticity of 'Parts Unknown' and the drama of 'Kitchen Nightmares.'
Bettina Makalintal
18 hours ago