In 'Shirkers,' a Stolen Slasher Road Flick Becomes Documentary Gold

A new documentary tells the story of the director who spent decades chasing the man who stole her film.
Zsófia Paulikovics
14 hours ago
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We're Going to Get a 'Super Mario Bros.' Movie

The studio behind 'Despicable Me' is making it with help from Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.
River Donaghey
2 days ago

‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten’ Documents the Cambodian Rock Scene, Pre–Khmer Rouge

We met the film's director and two key players from the vibrant rock scene that flourished in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge took power.
Lauren Oyler
3 days ago

Lakeith Stanfield and Flying Lotus are Making a Bonkers Netflix Anime

The streaming service just announced 'Yasuke,' a magic samurai robot anime, along with four other titles including 'Pacific Rim' and 'Altered Carbon.'
Beckett Mufson
3 days ago
Pay Gap

Plus-Size Brits Reveal How They're Discriminated Against at Work

It seems the gender pay gap comes with an added weight limit.
Gina Tonic
5 days ago

Here’s All the Embarrassing Stuff You Feel When Falling in Love

How good is falling in love!
Julian Morgans

A New Generation of Women are Challenging South Korea's Beauty Standards

A feminist “corset-free” movement is gathering steam in the world's plastic surgery capital.
Keira Chan

The Female Face of a Remote New Zealand Outpost

Beautiful portraits capture what life is like for women on the rugged and beautiful Stewart Island/Rakiura.
Danial Eriksen
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Ariana Grande's Good New Song 'thank u, next' Is Now a Good Meme, Too

Her latest, 'thank u, next,' is a powerful anthem about self-love. It's also a potent meme.
Peter Slattery

Finally Nintendo Confirms That Kirby Was Always the Star of Smash Bros.

The pink round child is excellent, let us celebrate him!
Nicole Clark
How to Exist OK

What It's Like Knowing You'll Die of Cancer at 35

"I’ve realized that it’s not my job to make anyone feel good. It’s my job to be honest."
Gideon Jacobs

Straight Women Are Marrying Each Other for Safety in Tanzania

Women of the Kuria tribe from the East African country are tying the knot, but it has nothing to do with romance.
Marta Martinez
Carmen Vidal