Get Hyped for the Upcoming 'Dragon Prince' Game

In this multiplayer game, you'll get to team up with your friends and play as your favorite character from 'The Dragon Prince.'
Nicole Clark
5 hours ago

How YouTube's Ban on Dangerous Stunts Will Affect Creators

The platform is cracking down on pranksters who'll do anything for views.
Kara Weisenstein
11 hours ago

7 Dope Female Skaters That are Starting Off 2019 Right

It's a good time to skate like a girl.
Eda Yu
a day ago

Anime Food Has the Most Calming Aesthetic Ever

This Instagram account highlights the surprisingly soothing visuals of food in anime.
Mitch Parker
a day ago

The ‘Learning to Be Spider-Man’ Meme Is the Next Great Spidey Meme

These memes are crap. Crap, crap, mega-crap. I'll give you $200 for all of 'em.
Peter Slattery
2 days ago
mental health

Some People Actually Fear Getting Credit for Their Accomplishments

The anxiety that's triggered by positive recognition goes way beyond run-of-the-mill shyness or modesty.
Markham Heid
2 days ago

What It's Like to Be a Bride in Sumba, Where a Marriage Proposal Costs a Herd of Horses

We talk to a woman about why she is holding tight to a culture that places a high price on the heads of young brides.
Sattwika Duhita
2 days ago

What Will It Take for Amy Adams to Win an Oscar?

In 2019, Amy Adams has acquired the same meme-friendly underdog momentum as pre-Oscar Leo.
Philippa Snow
2 days ago

Ariana Grande Is Literally the Pokémon Eevee, So Her Tattoo Is Perfect

Sassy? Check. Flouncy (pony)tail? Check.
Nicole Clark
3 days ago

Stunning Photos of Indonesia's Brutal Buffalo Fights

The buffalo is sacred in Torajan culture. They're also real bruisers.
Iqbal Lubis
4 days ago

I Spent a Day Changi, at the 'World's Best Airport,' and It Was Pretty Good

Singapore's Changi International Airport has more amenities than anyone could ever hope to experience in one visit, so I tried to do them all in under five hours.
Justin Caffier
4 days ago

What It's Like To Sell Burgers In North Korea

What's it like selling hamburgers in North Korea, and how much of a shift for the nation does the burger business signify? VICE News Tonight speaks to the owner.​
4 days ago