'Dressed in Dreams' Uncovers the Black Women Who Invented Modern Streetwear

"The book is for all of the everyday Black girls who made magic out of a dollar store T-shirt."

10 of Megan Thee Stallion's Best Freestyles to Soundtrack Your Hot Girl Summer

The Houston rapper behind 'Fever' has developed a reputation for absolutely obliterating beats.

Tony Hawk Really, Really Wants You to Know People Keep Recognizing Him in Public

He's been tweeting about it religiously for years, obsessed with letting the world know that strangers keep saying, "Hey—you're Tony Hawk!"

Natasha Bedingfield Still Wants You to Feel the Rain on Your Skin

As 'The Hills' returns, the woman who penned its theme song reflects on the seminal hit that is "Unwritten."

11 Sunny Movies on Netflix to Watch When It's Raining This Summer

Stay inside and live vicariously through your screen.

Please, Don't Put Keanu Reeves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Unless Bill and Ted join the MCU.

'Indiana Jones' Has Aged Terribly

The world’s most famous fictional archaeologist's legacy feels as dusty as his antiquities.

Lindsay Lohan's Reality Show Was Gloriously Terrible, and We're Going to Miss It

'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' reportedly isn't coming back for another season because it didn't have "enough drama."

Janet Mock's Netflix Partnership Is a Big Deal

Mock is reportedly developing a slate of projects centering on trans characters.


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Knitting Community Website Ravelry Has Banned Support of Donald Trump

Ravelry, which has 8.5 million members, will not allow 'support for open white supremacy' on its platform.

The 'Dusty Stick' Is the Best Slack Emoji That Nobody Uses

What does it mean? Where did it come from? And why isn't everyone as obsessed with it as we are?

Kentucky Deploying 'Armored' Internet Fiber to Fend Off Hungry Squirrels

But squirrels are only one small part of the state’s quest for better broadband.


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No One Is Good Enough to Work for Beyoncé

A viral Twitter thread reminds us that not one mortal walking this Earth is qualified to collect a check from Queen Bey.

This Carrie Underwood Cheese Sculpture Is Horrifying

"I’m speechless!!!" the singer wrote on Instagram.

Far From the Shallow: A Dive Into Lady Gaga's Role in Bradley Cooper's Breakup

Did Gaga actually turn Cooper and Irina Shayk's four-year relationship into a bad romance?

Intimate Photos from the Largest Outdoor Leather and Kink Festival on the East Coast

Photographer Matt Van Anderson has been documenting Folsom Street East—and his changing relationship to kink—for the last 3 years.

This Artist Is Hacking Google to Create Surreal Street View Art

Brooklyn-based artist Jason Isolini has inserted over 42 immersive pieces of art into Google Maps’s Street View tool.

Hugo Gyrl's Queer Feminist Graffiti Keeps the Spirit of LGBTQ Rebellion Alive

"I'm not saying pride should be a riot every year. But these rainbow flag binches need to know that people before them fought for their comfort."


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'Dressed in Dreams' Uncovers the Black Women Who Invented Modern Streetwear

"The book is for all of the everyday Black girls who made magic out of a dollar store T-shirt."

Throw Nicholas Sparks And 'The Notebook' Into The Trash

Emails reveal the corny romance author tried to ban an LGBT club at the Christian school he co-founded.

Satellites Are Quietly, Constantly Watching Us

In a few short decades, the movement and activities of large swaths of Earth's humans can be tracked at all times.


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I’ve Gotten Super into Queer Afterhours Parties in My 50s

In Los Angeles, the afterhours scene is creating some of the most radical queer spaces I’ve ever seen.

Downtown San Antonio in the 1980s Was Heavy Metal's Eden

Metalheads made the bars in Tobin Hill a stomping ground for a burgeoning music scene.

How Atlanta’s Clubs Fueled the City’s Budding Hip-Hop Scene in the ‘90s

Inside the nightlife spots that gave DJs and artists a stage to turn the Southern capital into a musical hub.

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