Fossils of a 12-Foot-Tall, 1000-Pound Bird Found in Crimea

Pachystruthio dmanisensis was three times the size of modern ostriches.
Becky Ferreira
34 minutes ago
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: Why Has India’s Drug Use Gone Up?

The UN World Drug Report 2019 estimates that drug usage numbers have spiked up by 30 percent. We asked young Indians why they think this happened.
Shamani Joshi
36 minutes ago
Australia Today

An Australian Student has Been Arrested in North Korea

Alek Sigley, 29, was living in Pyongyang and working as a tour guide organising trips for foreign students.
Gavin Butler
40 minutes ago

This Horrifying App Undresses a Photo of Any Woman With a Single Click

The $50 DeepNude app dispenses with the idea that deepfakes were about anything besides claiming ownership over women’s bodies.
Samantha Cole
40 minutes ago
VICE Specials

When Reality TV Meets Transgender Representation

VICE meets Billie Lee, one of America’s most well known transgender reality TV stars.

Med Students Are Doing Vaginal Exams on Unconscious, Non-Consenting Patients

The practice is still legal in 42 states despite decades-long ethical concerns. In the #MeToo era, things are starting to change.
Hannah Harris Green
39 minutes ago
food news

Scientists Say Chemical Found in Spinach Is Basically a Steroid, Should Be Banned for Athletes

Tired: blaming boner pills for your doping allegations. Wired: blaming a salad!
Jelisa Castrodale
39 minutes ago
food news

An American ISIS Supporter Known As 'Umm Nutella' Is Facing Life In Prison

ISIS militants have a well-documented love of Nutella.
Jelisa Castrodale
38 minutes ago

This Filipina-American Rapper's Heartfelt Song For Her Immigrant Mother Is Worth A Listen

Ruby Ibarra's song 'Someday' emerged as one of the standout submissions in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.
Lex Celera
an hour ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Unauthorised Drones Keep Disrupting Flights in Singapore

While it is against the law to fly a drone so close to the airport, authorities still don’t know who is responsible for these unmanned aerial vehicles.
Shamani Joshi
16 hours ago

Thousands Of Baby Turtles Were Smuggled Through Kuala Lumpur Airport

Not all of them survived the trip.
Lex Celera
16 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Enemy Spies Are Catfishing Indian Army Officers for Information On Instagram

International spy agents are posing as women on social media to extract sensitive information from military personnel.
Shamani Joshi
2 days ago

The Chilling Mystery of High-Altitude Suicides

U.S. counties above 4,000 feet have twice the suicides as counties at 2,000 feet. Is it because there's less oxygen in the air, or is something else going on?
Shayla Love
20 hours ago
Life Lines

George & Martha

After being put in a wheelchair from a major car crash in New Zealand's South Island, George is getting a tattoo to mark the end of his physical and emotional healing.