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A Couple Take out Loan to Build a Disney Castle, End up Losing Their Home

Neighbors said they’d never even seen children at the house.
Gavin Butler
11 minutes ago
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The ‘Learning to Be Spider-Man’ Meme Is the Next Great Spidey Meme

These memes are crap. Crap, crap, mega-crap. I'll give you $200 for all of 'em.
Peter Slattery
an hour ago
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Parliament Just Had to Decide Whether 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Was Too Dangerous for Singapore

The central government was forced to respond to questions about the hit show after a MP tried—and failed—to get a live performance either shut down or censored.
VICE Staff
9 hours ago
mental health

Some People Actually Fear Getting Credit for Their Accomplishments

The anxiety that's triggered by positive recognition goes way beyond run-of-the-mill shyness or modesty.
Markham Heid
9 hours ago
Indonesia Riot

The Women Who Used Tattoos to Save Themselves From Sexual Slavery

During Japanese occupation, thousands of Southeast Asian women were forced to serve as sex workers. But on one tiny island in Indonesia, local women resisted by heavily tattooing themselves. VICE traveled to meet the last tattooed women of Timor.
News of Zealand

New Zealand Can't Get Enough of the 'Unruly Tourists' Terrorizing the Land

Our media has basically devolved into a demonic holiday scrapbook of the British family’s trip.
Zoe Madden-Smith
10 hours ago

Higher Brothers Go Old School and Set the Bar for 2019 on 'Open It Up'

The Sichuanese rap stars are also announcing a new album, "Five Stars," out February 22.
Alex Robert Ross
11 hours ago

The Manager of a Popular J-Pop Group Was Just Fired For Making One of His Stars Apologize For Being Assaulted

Mustika Hapsoro
11 hours ago

Elle Teresa Is Redefining What It Means to Be a Female Rapper In Japan

Using her femininity as a weapon, she's bringing a fresh perspective to a male-dominated world.
Ryo Isobe
12 hours ago
Unscrewing Ourselves

How I Confronted the Biting Pain of Vaginismus and Overcame My Shame

We explore the common—but rarely talked about—sexual pain disorder through a lived experience of someone who learnt to tame her furry friend.
Pallavi Pundir
12 hours ago

Why Indonesians Keep Leaving the Country to Fly Domestic

Sometimes the cheapest trip between Banda Aceh and Jakarta includes a layover in Kuala Lumpur.
Adi Renaldi
12 hours ago

The 'World's Loneliest Frog' Finally Has a Mate

A male Sehuencas water frog, thought to be the last of his kind, will be bred with a female recently caught in the wild.
Sarah Emerson
13 hours ago

This Japanese Director's Short Film Imagines the Terrifying, AI-Fueled Future of Work

In Keiichi Matsuda's short film, a hapless worker competes with AI in a future where humans have been proven to be less efficient than machines.
Rob Dozier
13 hours ago

How Lean Became Rap’s Most Wanted Drug

VICE’s Matt Shea travels to Florida to meet some users and distributors of lean to see its influence on pop culture first-hand.