Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.

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12 minutes ago
The U.S. West Coast is Now So Acidic That It's Dissolving Baby Crab Shells

Human-caused emissions are acidifying the oceans at a terrifying rate, and it's now affecting creatures scientists once thought were resilient.

an hour ago
A Completely Deranged But Effective Way to Fix Sticky MacBook Pro Keys

Blow on it like an old Nintendo.

3 hours ago
Scientists Discovered a Mysterious New Aurora Borealis on the Edge of Space

The trippy "dunes" were identified in a largely unexplored region of Earth's atmosphere, and we'd have to send a spacecraft up to understand how they form.

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