People Are Wearing Data Charts to Visualize the Climate Crisis

Broadcast meteorologists, scientists, and activists are participating in the #ShowYourStripes project on Friday to show how the climate crisis affects their countries.

Watch Scientist-Trained Seals Sing the 'Star Wars' Theme

Gray seals can sing and mimic human speech sounds, scientists demonstrate in a new study.

Philadelphia's Oil Refinery Explosion Is America’s Third Major Dirty Fuel Facility Fire in 6 Months

The “largest refining complex on the Eastern seaboard” exploded this morning at 4 a.m. A New York Con Ed facility and a Texas petrochemical facility have also experienced major fires in the past six months.

Prisons Are Banning Books That Teach Prisoners How to Code

Oregon prisons have banned dozens of books about technology and programming, like 'Microsoft Excel 2016 for Dummies,' citing security reasons. The state isn't alone.

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