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Sebastian Giovinco

Yet Another Giovinco Golazo, Celebrates Like Lil B (or James Harden) | ES | Translation

Baby-faced Giovinco resembles the Beard.

Sebastian Giovinco owns MLS. There's no question about it. The man's dominance has even drawn attention from Barce-fucking-lona. But Giovinco still wants to stay in Toronto? Baffling, sure. Maybe he just likes running through whole defenses at a time.

That's exactly what the man did last night, as he completely disassembled the New York Redbulls with his feet. The defense, to be honest, looked like a bunch of ball-watching under-8's, but the shot itself was stunning.

Then, to top it off, Giovinco decided to stir the pot a little—as if he hasn't been doing that since he arrived in Toronto. Maybe the man has been watching a lot of NBA recently. Or, better yet, a lil bit of Lil B.