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Joey Bada$$ Celebrated the Anniversary of '1999' with Shows in Three Cities

El rapero celebró la mixtape que inició su carrera con una mini-gira con paradas en Londres, Nueva York y LA.
fotografías de Dee Frosted

On June 12, 2012 a baby faced, 17-year-old Joey Bada$$ dropped his debut mixtape 1999. Despite his young age, the tape quickly received critical acclaim for it's uniquely nostalgic feel, as well as the display of talent featured from Bada$$'s music collective, Pro Era. The artist and his crew celebrated the tape by playing three exclusive pop-up shows, the first of which took place at the venue where Bada$$ played his first headlining show ever, The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. From there, they went on to play in LA and London, and longtime Pro Era member and photographer Dee Frosted was there to capture the energy of the artist reliving the music that made his name. Check out Dee's photos below, and relive the rapper's younger days with an early conversation we had with him here.


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