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Check This Previously Unreleased Mobb Deep Track

"What You Think” contiene un sample de Biggie Smalls.

It's been a little over a month since the hip-hop world lost one of its most talented lyricists when Mobb Deep's Prodigy died at the age of 42. Yesterday, DJ Absolut, as part of his #MixtapeMondays series, released "What You Think," a previously unheard Prodigy track that features a Biggie Smalls vocal sample from his classic 1994 track, "Warning."

The track features Havoc and Prodigy getting hectic and rapping over pianos, strings, and keys. Havoc smashes a killer verse that includes lines, "My phone is ringing the number looks strange / This is the third time I had to have my number change / I feel like the Geto Boys – Mind Playin' Tricks."

Listen to "What You Think" below. RIP Prodigy.