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This Guy Pissed In His Own Mouth at a Trash Talk Show

Quizá este hombre sea un héroe. Quizá.

Why would a person need to piss in his own mouth? What possible benefits could it reap? I don’t know, and can probably die without ever knowing the answer to that. But in Melbourne recently, some dude decided that the middle of the pit during a Trash Talk show would be the perfect time and place to find out.

The above photo has been going around Reddit lately because it is equal parts disgusting and hilarious. But there is A LOT going on here. Let us unpack it, shall we?


First off, notice the distance between the pissdrinker and everyone around him. I’m not sure how long this guy was at it before the photo was taken, but it was long enough for everyone within a three-foot radius to realize there was a man drinking his own urine and they promptly cleared out, which is the completely reasonable reaction to have.

Then we’ve got this person, who is either the photo-taker or standing right beside the photo-taker. She is pointing right at the guy drinking his own piss, as if to say, “Hey look, this guy is drinking his own piss.”

There’s dude in the back, whose body language says, “What kind of God would allow this to happen?"

There’s a guy in the back who wants to know what all the commotion is about. Spoiler alert, dude: It’s a guy drinking his own piss.

There’s this other guy who seems legit impressed (because admit it, it's kind of impressive for a non-ape to pull this off).

And lastly, there’s piss-drinker himself, who looked down at his own urinating cock and dared to dream: “Hey, I bet I could drink that.” Notice that there is not a fucking drop on the floor, his shirt, or his pants. Now, I never like to assume things about people, but in the case of a man drinking his own piss, all bets are OFF. And what I’ve got to assume is: This guy has drunk his own piss before. Pissing into your own mouth has got to require some level of skill and marksmanship that just can’t come naturally. No, this was not his first Pee Pee Coolata. Godspeed, sir.