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Lauryn Hill’s Acoustic Performance of “I Find It Hard to Say (Rebel)” Will Cleanse Your Soul

"Vieja canción, nueva versión, mismo contexto, ahora aún más pertinente: hartos de estar hartos".

​Last Friday on Charlie Rose, Lauryn Hill performed a new version of "I Find it Hard​ to Say (Rebel)", a poignant beauty off her 2002 album MTV Unplugged 2. And, no word of a lie, this performance will make you want to stand in front of your computer and clap at the screen.

The new version of the track first emerged last week, after Hill's appearance at the Tidal X benefit concert in Brooklyn. The release was accompanied by a statement from Hill who described it as an "Old tune, new version, same context, even more relevant now: sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Written by Hill in response to the 1999 shooting of black 22-year-old Amadou Diallo by New York police, it's just as impactful in 2016 as it was upon its original 2002 release – lyrics include "You think our lives are cheap, and easy to be wasted / As history repeats, so foul you can taste it."

Surrounded by a full band, the performance sees a defiant Hill get to her feet to deliver the song's rousing final chorus. You can watch it all below:

Lead Image via YouTube​.