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Bang Your Damn Head Because Mötorhead's Covers Album Is Here

'Under Cover' incluye una versión inédita de "Heroes" de David Bowie, una de las últimas canciones que grabó Lemmy antes de morir.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Imagen vía Wikimedia Commons

If I asked you what was gnarlier than Mötorhead, you, an idiot, would surely reply thus: "nothing. There is nothing gnarlier than Mötorhead." Upon hearing this foolish response, I, the proverbial intellectual, would laugh in your face, and I would brandish a copy of the band's new covers album, Under Cover, which is out today, and I would say this: "there is one thing that is gnarlier than Mötorhead and it is this album, which features Mötorhead covering Metallica, The Ramones, and Judas literal Priest." And then we'd just look at each other, because we would both know that I was right, and that, conceivably, there was nothing else for either of us to say.


Under Cover is a collection of some of the band's best-known covers, and it also includes a previously unheard version of "Heroes" by David Bowie. This is especially poignant, as it's one of the last pieces of music that frontman Lemmy recorded before his death from cancer in late 2015. Elsewhere, there's a rendition of the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen," and the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil," so really everyone has been thoughtfully catered for. In fact, the selection is so wide that honestly, there is little else for it but to press play and bang your effing head: for Lemmy, for Mötorhead, for the timeless art of rock'n'roll, baby.

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