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Liam Gallagher Is Less Belligerent Than Usual on New Song "Chinatown"

Otro tema de su próxima placa 'As You Were'.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Fresh off announcing the tracklist for his forthcoming solo album As You Were via Twitter (followed by a tweet simply stating "PUB," which at the time of writing has over 21,000 likes, because he knows what the people want), Liam Gallagher has shared a new track, "Chinatown," from that record.

It's less lairy than we're used to from Liam, though his signature vocal is unmistakable over acoustic guitars. It's reminiscent of Oasis' gentler moments, and serves to show that As You Were will be an album of many faces—not just the face that gets pissed up with Steve Coogan at a wedding, which, yes, is a good face, but it's not his only one. Liam can do contemplative as well, and "Chinatown" is proof. Listen below and feel strangely mellow:

As you were. LO x

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