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We interviewed the man who invented Roflecoptr; the new drug Britain's panicking about

Or, Mket if you're not a politician, teacher, or humiliating old person.

Roflcoptr. God, is that really what people are calling drugs these days?

Aparently so. This month, Mixmag carrid a story about it, claiming it was the en vogue chemical of the moment. Then, on Friday, NME.COM ran a story about about it. Then suddenly everyone in the media started talking about Roflcoptr. After I mentioned it on Twitter, I even got retweeted by - which is busy promoting the chemical through social media. I was begining to feel a bit out of the loop. Since when did people get in a tis about drugs before I'd even hear dof them?


Thankfully, after the digital pushers at drew my attention to their website that I realised that I had heard of Roflcoptr. Ages ago. In fact, VICE had published an interview Hamilton Morris did with the man who invented the chemical that makes Roflcoptr soar - methoxetamine - back in 2011.

"M", the anonymous chemist Hamilton interviewed, "work[s] to synthesize drugs they hope will produce therapeutic effects in their users."

"Singlehandedly," Hamilton wrote, "[M] has popularized and discovered numerous novel drugs for gray-market distribution. His most recent investigation of ketamine and its chemical variations produced a new dissociative anesthetic named methoxetamine, which has recently made its way into the nostrils and anuses of lay experimenters worldwide.

You can read the whole thing here. And I recomend you do. It's a great interview and just about the only piece of rounded journalism currently in existance on Roflcoptr.

The website is quite impressive. It opens with a blueprint graphic of a hellicopter over two large tabs: BUY and INFO and it has been specifically designed to be compatible to a smart phone - because, frankly, no-one under 25 has a laptop any more.

Inside the INFO zone they link to our interview. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section, where they address the burning issue. That dreadful name. Apparently it most certainly DOESN'T mean:

Let's face it. The only people who are going to be calling this drug "Roflcoptr'" are the same humiliating politicians, parents and journalists who walked around freaking out about "Meow Meow" while their children were ordering mephedrone and slipping into week-long comedowns. Everyone who is actually gonna do this drug is going to cal it Mket, because if they called it Roflcoptr, they'd explode from embarrasment.

The Roflcoptr website - clearly made by people who don't mind using drug terminology which seems like it escaped from a Guy Ritchie script - has a long disclaimer assuring us that the drug is being sold purely for scientific purposes and that no-one should ever ingest it, or use it as a way to smash themselves on teh windshield of the weekend. Obviously, they're covering their legal back with a raised eyebrow and knowing wink, but let's face it, they're right. You probably shouldn't ingest it.


When was the last time you took a mysterious chemical that made your life better? Over the past few years, all the new drugs that have cropped up have been horrible. None of them work until you're actually addicted to them, the comedowns last for about 16 weeks, and everytime you go to sleep, you get night terrors and think you're going to die.

So I'm not bloody taking it, anyway. I don't want to spend 2012 constantly on the brink of a panic attack.

Anyway, just to reiterate, you should read Hamilton's interview.

And just to re-reiterate, please don't use the term "Roflcoptr".

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