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Mastodon's "Steambreather" Video Is Funny but Will Make You Fear Noses

Es básicamente como si David Cronenberg dirigiera 'Wayn'es World'.

Mastodon's Emperor of Sand is a serious, bleak concept album about mortality so it's a delight that the accompanying video for lead single "Show Yourself" was a goofy riff on that subject matter. The band is continuing that comedic tone in the new video for album track "Steambreather," which takes the title and theme of knowing yourself into realms you could never imagine.

The clip follows two metalhead/slacker dudes as they're sucked into the increasingly horrific machinations of a "nasal enlightenment" cult. It goes from new age breathing meditations to nostrils being gruesomely stretched to people melting into putty from psychedelic vision quests. Also, we get this @dasharez0ne-esque visual:

This is basically David Cronenberg directing Wayne's World so watch the "Steambreather" video above.