Ever Wanted to Buy Vinyl Made From Miley Cyrus’ Piss? Urine Luck

¿Los Flaming Lips quedaron dañados tras el amorío entre Coyne y Miley?

Those Flaming Lips sure are wacky, aren't they? Pressing blood into their records one day, beer the next, collaborating with kooky pop stars like Miley Cyrus! What will they do next!?!?!?!?!?!? Well, what they'll do next is, apparently, making records out of real human urine! In a new interview with the NME, Flaming Lips bandleader Wayne Coyne, asked about what they'd like to put into wax next, responded "The next record we were talking about releasing was the Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz record. We’d get a good amount of Miley’s pee and mix it with some glitter and put that in."


Disgusting, right? Yes, it is disgusting, and if you answered anything different I'd like you to just.. exit this tab and never come back to noisey.vice.com ever again. Nah, this actually just sounds like a typical Wayne-Coyne-being-pretty-gross interview response and probably will never happen, but hey: maybe if there's enough demand for it, it'll happen! Piss fetishists, you know what to do. Elsewhere in the interview, Coyne discusses the Lips' split EP with Mac Demarco (it might not ever come out, because Mac is busy), as well as the impending Soft Bulletin anniversary, their David Bowie covers, and the band's upcoming festival appearances. It's not a bad interview! Read the rest here.

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