This story is over 5 years old.

Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things Just Wants to Stay Home and Cover Mac DeMarco

El adorable chico del hacha añadió "Salad Days" a su repertorio en crecimiento.

​Maybe you thought Mac DeMarco covers were reserved for soft lads in first year of uni doing on-campus open mic nights. This would usually be a correct assessment, but now the kid from Stranger Things has done one on his Twitter and… it flies in the face of expectation by being kinda good and immensely adorable.

Finn Wolfhard, who stars as Mike Wheeler in the show that famed TV critic Your Boyfriend proclaims to be "the best thing since Breaking Bad," is no stranger to a cover version. Having also recently shredded the fuck​ out of Nirvana's "Lithium," his newest offering is a faithful rendition of "Salad Days" featuring a vocal clearly inspired by the toothless Viceroy himself.

There's a chance that Finn will look back on these videos in five years and cringe to death (when I was 14 I recorded myself singing Paramore for my Tumblr and if it was ever unearthed I would throw myself off a building, so this comes from a place of love and understanding), but for now, given his cult status, I'd wager that we can comfortably look forward to a Wolfhard x DeMarco duet on a late night talk show in about a week's time.