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Shake Your Butt to Jamie xx's Dance Remix of His Own Band's "On Hold"

¿Quién hubiera dicho que un sample de Hall & Oates sonaría tan bien?

The xx have expertly toed the line between the dance and rock worlds since their paradigm-shifting debut album all those years ago, but it bears mentioning that every time they fully surrender to club grooves, the results are stellar. For a perfect example, look no further than the band's resident production wiz Jamie xx's new remix of "On Hold," maybe the most knocking track on this year's otherwise swooning I See You album.


Stripping the song of its original pop structure, Jamie completely transforms it into a genuine tension-and-release banger while still keeping that Hall & Oates sample intact. In retrospect, Hall & Oates songs are also already bangers so it's not surprising that the xx used their music as an element to construct their own bangers. Bangers. Anyways, you can watch the video for Jamie xx's "On Hold" remix above.

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