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BROCKHAMPTON's "Billy Star" Film Will Emotionally Destroy You, Sorry

Acompaña a Kevin Abstract en su trágica fantasía adolescente.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I didn't expect to be moved to tears at my desk this morning, but here we are.

BROCKHAMPTON, who'll be releasing SATURATION III, their third album of 2017—and their final one ever—have released a short film called Billy Star. It features unreleased music, is directed by their de-facto ringleader Kevin Abstract, and it will wheel your heart into devastated mincemeat.

For starters, Billy Star sees Kevin Abstract bringing BROCKHAMPTON together with the music on his grand solo project American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. He recreates the world he established in his music videos for tracks "Empty" and "Runner" even more vividly, and over the course of 20 minutes, he crafts a rich, deftly-told story of queer teen romance in the suburbs, punctuated by sweeping shots of palm trees and backdropped by Crayola pastel sunsets. It's like if John Hughes made a millennial drama about forbidden love and dropped the Aden Instagram filter over it—that is to say it's sweet, touching, sad, and really, really good-looking.


The new music featured is presumably all taken from SATURATION III, with new tracks called "QUIVER," "EVANIE," "BLEACH," and "NATION" cited in the end credits. You can watch all that shit above.

And, also….

*** BONUS ROUND!!!! ****

Because they're the hardest working people in music, BROCKHAMPTON have also dropped a new song and video, "BOOGIE." It's high-energy, frantic, and funky, and it also sees Kevin Abstract rightfully declare Brockhampton the "best boyband since One Direction." Watch it below and think about all the things you haven't done this year while BROCKHAMPTON made three damn albums:

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