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Frank Zappa is Responsible For Your Oily Pizzaface

El acné, una araña, un pez, una medusa un asteroide y todas las cosas que se llaman como Zappa.

Last week, a pair of Italian biologists named the bacteria of a type of acne after Frank Zappa. "Frank Zappa was a very eccentric musician and with very unexpected behavior," told Andrea Campisano, lead author of the research, to CNN. "We really did not expect this (discovery) and thought of him. This discovery has something to do with the intercellular relationship plants and humans can have, which is something really fucking amazing.


Besides ruining the lives of millions of teenagers, P. Zappae has developed a method of adaptation to a new ecological niche in the grape. Researchers suspect that the bacteria has existed for more than 7,000 years, at the same time humans started harvesting grapes. Hence the conclusion that humans transferred that bacteria to plants.

NME reports that Gali Zappa, widow of the mustachioed one, said: "For me this is just an extension of Frank's means of gluing things together, making sense of the universe. It's strictly conceptual continuity." And yes, Zappa definitely did something cosmic, because scientists have honored more than one of their discoveries with his name. Such research sometimes take decades to work. Here are all the things that are named after Zappa:

Pachygnatha Zappa

In 1994, some Belgian biologists discovered this species of spider, also known as "Spider of Destiny". The females of the species have a black spot in the abdomen that is very similar to Zappa's mustache.

Zappa confluentus

In the 80's, biologist Ed Murdy named this kind of Gobii fish from New Guinea after Zappa. "his particular fish is clearly different from any other known to science, which is why the designation of a new genus was necessary. As to why I chose the name Zappa, there are three reasons: 1. I like his music 2. I liked his politics and principles 3. The name itself is a good one for scientific nomenclature. "

Phialella Zappai

An Italian expert on jellyfish (apparently the Italian biology community love Frank Zappa) named a jellyfish species in the hopes of meeting the musician. After their meeting, Zappa said: "There is nothing I'd like better than to have a jellyfish named after me.

3834 Zappafrank

It's an asteroid discovered by a Czech astronomer in the 80's, though it didn't get the Zappa name until 1994, after an online campaign by a psychiatrist in Arizona that was backed by Zappa fans in 22 countries (and which was also the first online petition). Finally, the initiative petition was approved by the IAU (International Astronomical Union). The asteroid is in the fictional map of 1995's One Size Fits All.