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Duke Dumont - "Need U" (Jessie Andrews Remix)

Decidí llamarle para platicar, en parte porque nunca había hablado con una estrella porno y en parte porque su remix se me hizo excelente. Y también porque quería demostrarle al mundo que hacer porno no te hace un idiota.

Jessie Andrews is mostly known as a porn star, which is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, she's got a built in audience that will follow her every move. On the other, that audience is at least partially comprised of horndog neckbeards who live with their parents. Not that there's anything really wrong with that—we're basically a hop-skip-and-a-failed-college-course away from that lifestyle ourselves.


What sets Jessie apart is the fact that she literally does a thousand other things. In addition to jumping head first into porn when she was 19, she's also created a jewelry line called Bagatiba, she's a model, a fashion designer, and a DJ. She sent us in a remix of Duke Dumont's "Need U." The exclusive stream is below.

I decided to call her up and talk to her, partially because I've never knowingly spoken to a porn star before, and partially because the remix is very, very good, and partially because I'd like people to understand that being in porn doesn't just make you a braindead dick receptacle.

Noisey: Hi Jessie! Nice to meet you, how's it going?
Jessie Andrews: Good! I just woke up.

Thanks for sending in this remix. I didn't really realize that you remixed songs, I thought you mostly DJed.
I haven’t always made remixes, but since I was younger I lived in Miami and they have a big underground scene there. I grew up with house music, and all my friends were into house music. I was never into rave or electo or anything like that. And I just love house music, and I love dancing. Except for when I got to LA they don’t have that here as much, at least house music wise.

Wait, there's no house music in LA?
LA is more of an electro scene. Like trap, or you know, the current music that all the people are into. It's really hard to find a really good house music party here. I just love house music so much that I wanted to make it and I wanted other people to share it. I also really love Duke's music.


How did you get involved with Duke?
I met Duke on the internet, but then I was in London for a few weeks and I asked him to meet up. We met up and had dinner and he just showed me around London. I got to know him really well and I love his music. It's amazing. That's how I got to know him, and we kept in touch. When Duke’s 100% came out I asked him to remix it and said sure. I’ve kind of revamped it to the newer style that's going on right now. Kind of like garage acid influenced.

Are you ever going to make a full EP?
My first EP is coming out on Ultra Records soon. I just signed a contract, so I guess I'm allowed to talk about it.

You're so busy all the time, working on so many different things. Is music just one thing you're doing, or do you want to focus a lot of your energy on this stuff?
Well, I am very busy. I even just started playing dodgeball every week. The way I see it, I do everything. I'm good at everything, but I'm not amazing at one thing. That's how I feel with DJing, porn, jewelry, modeling, fashion design… all that. But I love music, and I really want to get into the world of traveling and playing shows. When I was 18 I never even thought I'd get to go to California to shoot porn.

What about the audience you built through porn? Is that the same audience you want for your musical endeavors?
If you're a fan of mine you are a fan of mine. Some people are going to go say "oh, she’s a porn star. She's going to make shit." That's what people thought about my jewelry company, and I think that's what is going to happen with my music. But I don't care, personally.

Which is harder, porn or music?
Hmm. Music is almost like a life style. You always have to be up on the new stuff, constantly working and networking. With porn, you're hired one day to shoot and then you shoot that day and you're done. But music and jewelry is more of a constant for me. I’m always printing new items, shipping out stuff. Figuring out way to make the fans interact. I like to keep people's minds moving. If I’m a fan of someone, I don’t want them to just do one thing. I want them to do new stuff. So I keep my eyes open, and they keep me up. I just want to know more about them.