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PREMIERE: Stream Electric Wizard's new album 'Time To Die'

Como sabemos que son fanáticos del Doom, pueden escuchar el disco, ahora, en exclusiva para Noisey. Así de mucho los queremos.

Doom's been having a bit of a renaissance of late. Sunn O))) are collaborating with Scott Walker, Earth just released a new album to mass critical acclaim and everyone wants to hear something that sounds even remotely like Deafheaven's Sunbather.

It's a good time, then, for the return of Dorset alchemists Electric Wizard who've been making corrosive doom metal without apology for over two decades. They're about to release their eighth studio effort Time To Die. It's the longest LP they've ever released and marks the reintroduction of original drummer Mark Greening into the mix.

And guess what you lucky doom fans, you can stream the whole of Time To Die right now, exclusively on Noisey. While you're listening you should probably check out our comprehensive A-Z of Electric Wizard.