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Thigh Master's New Video Is an Astronomical Mind-Screw

Y está bastante bueno.

Head of the Witch, the first vinyl offering from Brisbane’s Thigh Master has a ramshackle guitar pop charm that at times sounds like a slacker version of the Twerps. If that is even possible.

The video for the title track, created by Helena Papageorgiou, involves a scrappy National Geographic/Scientific American cut-and-paste like DIY collage and features a chase between the band and a weirdo witch who turns out to be Thigh Master vocalist and guitarist Matthew Ford.


The 7” (recorded and mixed by the band’s Dusty Anastassiou) will soon be released on Brisbane label Tenth Court who have a MO that proudly states, “to make available to the world the wealth of beautiful scumbag talent inhabiting our fine city”. With releases like this they are certainly holding up their end of the bargain.

We caught up with Matthew to find out more about the band and label.

Noisey: What do you think of being portrayed as a beer drinking and ciggie smoking witch?

Matthew Ford: I just wanted to see myself flying on a broom. It’s a green screen dream come true.

The video doesn't have really an end. What happens next?

We dead. The witch cooked up our heads in the cauldron. It makes for a yummy stew.

Dusty has done a great job capturing a loose and relaxed style especially on the thudding drums and guitar solo. How did you approach writing/recording?

I started writing a few songs about two years back while Black Vacation was on a bit of a hiatus. Dan and Pat had moved back from overseas and wanted to start a new project. We played this song along with "Goon Punch'" at our first practice and those two songs haven't really changed since.. We recorded it a year later with Dusty (before he joined the band) in a room I had been using as a rehearsal/performance space under my old house. Dusty did an awesome job, it turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted it to.

What's next on Tenth Court?


You can expect tapes from Yoghurt Blood, [Dead Shred]( ,) and Workshop, as well as a 7" from Sewers.

'Head of the Witch’ will be available from July 11 on Tenth Court.

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