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Noisey United: November Is About to Turn This Car Around

QUEREMOS CONQUISTAR AL MUNDO: Smurphy, Key!, Conjuro Nuclear, Kamp!, iLoveMakonnen y más.

It's that time of the month again, when Noisey flexes it's global muscle of Music Taste™. We have 14 different Noisey properties across the globe, which means there are 14 different teams of cool people listening to cool music with the goal of telling our cool readres about it. Below, we've compiled some of our favorite tracks of the last 30 days, from Key!'s "I Understand" featuring iLoveMakonnen (which has the entire US team IMing "I'm about to turn this car around" to each other about 100 times a day) to some grimy-shoegazy-psychadelic-whatever-the-fuck with "Intoxicación" by Conjuro Nuclear from our friends in Spain to UK punks Sleaford Mods. Stream the entire set below, and be sure to check out our mixes from the past couple months.

United Kingdom: Sleaford Mods- Tiswas
United States: Key! feat. iLoveMakonnen - I Understand
Australia: Pearls - Big Shot
France: Forever Bavot- Joe and Rose
Sweden: Finding Muzyamba- Clusters
Canada: 88 Camino - Uncle Tona (Prod. by Omito Beats)
Denmark: Naafi - Gemiiniss
Mexico: Smurphy - Gemiiniiss
Brazil: Séculos Apaixonados - Um Totem Do Amore Impossivel
Spain: Conjuro Nuclear - Intoxicacion
Germany: Shindy - JFK
Netherlands: BEA1991 - Safe Ground
China: Soulspeak - Clockwork Universe
Japan: Toriena - Dogra Magra
Poland: Kamp! - Baltimore