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Father John Misty Is Pensive, Political, and Quietly Pissed Off on New Track, “Holy Hell”

En el track Misty da su opinión sobre Trump en la Presidencia.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Patron saint of flannel shirts and craft beer, Father John Misty has stepped up on the post-Presidential election soapbox via a new song called "Holy Hell" shared via Soundcloud, and, yeah, the title pretty much sums up his views. It's a thoughtful statement on the current, erm, predicament that America, and therefore the rest of the world, currently finds itself in, and, never really one for subtlety, the sparse piano line with which Misty accompanies himself kind of piles on the melancholy even further. The track calls out the "highly effective rhetoric" which convinced so many voters to put their belief in Donald Trump, and notes that "the economy just don't explain this" – presumably a nod towards the popular but kinda flawed reasoning that economic instability was the main reason for millions of white working class voters turning to Trump. Things end on an optimistic note, however, as Misty muses "the world won't end unless we want it to," which I guess is as good a call to action as any. You can listen to "Holy Hell" below.


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