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Watch Mac DeMarco and His Band Perform for Halloween Dressed as MacGruber

Aunque Mac se ve exactamente igual, la verdad.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Celebrity costumes are the best part of Halloween. I applaud you, Kylie Jenner, in your specially-made Xtina outfit with custom hairpiece. And you, Teyana Taylor, doing your (admittedly incredible) Joanne the Scammer performance art. But what I appreciate most of all is when famous people embrace the true spirit of Halloween: that is, throwing together a niche ensemble on the day of a party and just having the fucking banter, mate. And embodying this, complete with dollar store wigs, crap checked shirts panic bought from H&M and weird utility vests borrowed from dads, were Mac DeMarco and his band, who, during their set at LA's Festival Supreme over Halloween weekend, decided (probably quite last minute, after a few tins) to dress up as MacGruber​. Like, every last one of them was on stage dressed as MacGruber. You have to honour the commitment. Performing music from across Mac's back catalogue, the band played alongside Weird Al and Flight Of The Conchords at the Tenacious D-curated (lol) music and comedy festival Saturday night, and celebrated their services to weird group Halloween costumes with an Instagram post on Mac's account captioned '#macgruber #we #did #it.' You did guys, you really did.


Watch their performance of "Ode to Viceroy" at Festival Supreme below:

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