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Electric Independence: Oneohtrix Point Never

Daniel Lopatin, the man behind the psychedelic IDM project Oneohtrix Point Never, has very intimate relationships with his keyboards.

There’s no doubt Daniel Lopatin, the quiet powerhouse behind the psychedelic cosmic synth project Oneohtrix Point Never, has a strong connection with his keyboards. Like his Roland Juno-60, nicknamed “Judy.” She may not be the best in the world, but he talks about her like an old friend, and fortunately for all of us, treats her that way too.

In this episode of Electric Independence, Motherboard heads over to his home studio in Bushwick to talk with one of the leaders of the pack in the next generation of synthesizer masters, along with bands like Emeralds, Stella Om Source and Fever Ray. We also do a little pop music deconstruction – and get a peek at his awesome, charming gear.

Check out OPN at his Myspace and tumblr, and cop the just-released Everything is Working by Games, a collaboration between Daniel and his childhood friend Joel Ford.

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