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Bonnie Tyler Actually Sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" During the Eclipse

Lo que llamamos un buen manejo de marca.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

A total solar eclipse is a rare event. It's a profound reminder of your place in the world—as part of a much larger cosmic order—and ought to be celebrated as such. So obviously on Monday, at the exact moment of the eclipse, Royal Caribbean got Bonnie Tyler in to do "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on their Oasis of the Seas cruise, and it was lit (figuratively of course, as the eclipse actually causes total darkness because the moon blocks the sun which is the major light source haha, science :P).


Last week we reported with great pleasure that this would be happening, and now I am pleased to present you with the footage of the momentous occasion, which you can see above. Marvel as Bonnie appears to literally move celestial bodies with the strength of her great Welsh bellows, inexplicably backed by Joe Jonas and his band DNCE (the "Cake By the Ocean" people) after the video starts with 45 seconds of total silence. I honestly cannot explain to you why Joe Jonas is there, but doesn't it just add to the wackiness of the scene of hundreds of people wearing paper 3D glasses, on a boat, watching two occurrences of twin importance: the moon overtaking the sun on its assigned path, and Bonnie literal Tyler wailing with a force that alone could probably propel the ship forward? What a year we're having, honestly.

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