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Dogs Are Kept Awake by Their Worries, Just Like Us Pathetic Humans

Todavía no se sabe si se angustian por tener que responder al camarero cuando este dice, “¡Que aproveche!”.
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¿Nunca te has quedado despierto en las noches en medio de la oscuridad, pensando si María, de ventas, en verdad quiso no quiso significar nada cuando dijo: "Me gusta tu camiseta, yo casi la compro", o si en verdad quiso decir lo que por supuesto quiso decir, que es: "eres una mierda, tu camiseta es horrible, ¿para qué viniste hoy?". Claro que lo has hecho. Eres humano. Preocuparse antes, durante y después de dormir es lo que hacemos.


Pues resulta que no es algo exclusivo nuestro: al igual que los humanos, es probable que los perros también se mantengan despiertos

Turns out it's not exclusive to us, though: Much like humans, it would appear dogs are also kept awake at night by their worries.

A recent Hungarian study published by The Royal Society scientific journal showed that dogs experience disturbed sleep patterns when stressed. That's right, Planet Earth. Your beloved puppers and doggos are worried and they can't sleep and there's nothing you can do about it.

The study measured the sleep experiences of dogs who were exposed to either positive or negative emotional experiences pre-sleep, like being affectionately touched by their owners, or approached by an intimidating stranger (ew). The results showed dogs who were exposed to positive experiences had a deeper and more consistent sleep, while dogs who were stressed before sleep were prone to waking up, staying in REM sleep, and generally having a shit one.

Interestingly, though, on average dogs who had negative experiences pre-sleep were quicker to actually fall asleep than other dogs, which scientists say is very much in line with human behaviour. Like how you often desperately want to power the fuck off at the end of a terrible day and just shut your physical self off.

So there you have it. First we learn dogs don't like hugs, then we're not allowed to sleep next to them in bed (actually fair), now dogs are stressed at night. Fucking hell.

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